15th September 2016

Eat for Italy

We are joining Jamie Oliver and hundreds of restaurateurs around the globe to donate proceeds from selling pasta all'amatriciana.

Jamie Oliver is among those supporting a campaign to use the cooking of pasta all'amatriciana to raise funds for the Italy quake relief effort after Italian food blogger Paolo Campana launched an appeal earlier in the week asking restaurants to put the dish pasta all'amatriciana on their menus as a tribute to those who died.

The dish comes from Amatrice - one of the worst hit towns in the Appenine mountains where several communities have been devastated with at least 221 of the of the 281 victims confirmed so far from the town.

"Our hearts go out to the people of Amatrice, Italy, whose community was devastated by a tragic earthquake earlier this week. In honour of this town and its famed culinary traditions, Brend Hotels will serve the city's namesake dish."

- John Brend, Managing Director

#eatforitaly with brend hotels

The rustic meal is made of any kind of pasta drenched in tomato sauce flavoured with pork jowl and topped with pecorino cheese and will cost £9.95 with £1.40 for every meal sold donated to the Italian Red Cross to go towards the relief effort.


Beachside Grill (Saunton)

Terrace Lounge (Saunton Sands Hotel)

The White Room (Victoria Hotel, Sidmouth)

62 The Bank (Royal & Fortescue Hotel, Barnstaple)

Carriages (The Devon Hotel, Exeter)

Seasons - Brand new brasserie and lounge (Park Hotel, Barnstaple) New website coming soon

The Brasserie Restaurant and Heanton Bar (Barnstaple Hotel, Barnstaple)

Terrace Lounge (Royal Duchy Hotel, Falmouth)

Terrace Lounge (Carlyon Bay Hotel, St. Austell)

The Clubhouse (Carlyon Bay Golf Club, St. Austell)

Regency Suite Bar (Royal Hotel, Bideford)

Victoria Suite (Belmont Hotel, Sidmouth)

Terrace Lounge (Imperial Hotel, Barnstaple)


please post photos of your dishes on social media using #eatforitaly to help raise more awareness.