13th October 2018

Pledging to reduce single use plastic use

At the Devon Hotel we have always been proud of how environmentally conscious we are. We recycle all of our plastics, paper, cardboard, tin and paper; even all of our food waste is recycled and turned into fuel. Now we are targeting single use plastics starting with straws, instead of plastic we will offer compostable straws made from plants from visionary packaging brand Vegware.

Our commitment to reducing our usage and our impact on our environment started back in 2006 when each hotel started up their own Environmental Resource Team. As with most ideas it started with a challenge, which hotel could reduce their environmental impact the most over the course of a year?
After a year of hard work introducing new recycling schemes, changing our lighting to low energy options and looking at our consumption we came out top! Now some 11 years later we are still looking to better ourselves and reduce our footprint. 

We are now targeting our suppliers and challenging them to reduce the packaging they supply to us.

Find out how you can help reduce your environmental impact when staying with us here.

Find out how you can take steps to stop the use of single-use plastics in everyday life with the Surfers Against Sewage campaign.